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Gerald C. (Chuck) Koesters is currently the executive/technical director of O-T-O Dance, and media artist, working out of his Sanctuary Cove Studios in Tucson, Arizona.  Previous to his work as an Arts Administrator, Videographer, composer and media artist, Mr. Koesters worked on an artistic construction team for the City of Phoenix.  He documented and helped construct the major public art installation on the Squaw Peak Parkway at the Thomas and 22nd St Underpass during the hottest summer, (so far), on record in the city of Phoenix.  Prior to his work in the arts, Mr Koesters was a day dreaming farm boy, running through cornfields of Eastern Nebraska.

Mr. Koesters has an extensive background in arts and administration, walking both sides of the creative line. He knows first hand the realities of performance and visual arts production, making him, at times, a controversial administrator.  Mr. Koesters believes the arts can change lives and that change rarely comes without conflict. As Steinbeck said, “Discontent is the lever of Change”.

Koesters learned his budgeting and communication skills during his time spent as a Water Company superintendent for the Clear Springs Utility Company based in Sunsites Arizona. Chuck Koesters was, at the time, the youngest grade 3 treatment plant operator in the state. Similar to his work for O-T-O Dance, Koesters balanced his duties between corporate responsibility and the needs of his customers, a roll he continues to refine.

Mr. Koesters has produced arts events in his adopted home city of Tucson, as well as numerous sites in the United States. He has also traveled extensively abroad, producing shows throughout Costa Rica and Ecuador to Ireland and Russia. In May of 2008 he and the O-T-O Dance company will be traveling back to Ecuador to perform in a large international festival in Quito, then to the Big Island of Hawaii to conduct workshops at Kalani Oceanside Retreat in June.

As the Executive Director of O-T-O Dance, his activities include: administration of the companies web site, computer maintenance and construction for both Orts and other small non-profits. He works with a number of software packages, and is proficient with:  Microsoft Word, Access, Front Page and Excel.  He also works with Adobe Software, including: Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere and After Effects. Mr. Koesters writes company grants, oversees budgeting, expenses and payroll. 

As the companies Lighting Designer, Sound and Technical Director, Koesters has hung trapeze and rigged lights in theatres across the world. From Alaska to South America, (including the prestigious Teatro National in San Jose Costa Rica), Koesters work as a rigger and designer of light is well known and respected.  Koesters is also an experienced tour manager, successfully negotiating company tours in Mexico, Russia, the US and Central America.

In the media arts, Koesters works out of his Sanctuary Cove Studios, an intimate digital media based content creation studio located in a beautiful rural area of the Tucson Mountains.  Using powerful computers, modern recording equipment and video/still imagery, he combines his talents as Videographer, Photographer and Composer into multi layered music videos and interactive CD ROM’s.  The resulting video works are used in a multitude of artistic ways. As “video backdrops” during dance performances, or combined with poetry and music for stand-alone artistic works.  His video and music works range from the “straight”, for example the video presentation he created on Perma Culture for the Safford Peak Watershed Association, to the “abstract”, as are many of the videos he creates for O-T-O Dance.  The idea behind his work is to do what is artistically appropriate at every moment.  To blend music and video imagery into seamless sensory experiences that feed the soul and educate the mind. 

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